Glass Onion Provides an Example of Risk When Doing Business with Friends – Here's How You Can Succeed

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Glass Onion Provides an Example of Risk When Doing Business with Friends – Here's How You Can Succeed

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Netflix's new murder mystery film, Glass Onion is a cautionary tale – but it's not about the influencers , the stereotype of tech-obsessed males (“ tech bros ”), or the architectural irony that many people perceive this film to be. Glass Onion (and HBO's Succession series) is a warning about the potential dangers of doing business with friends or family. These kinds of businesses have a major contribution to the economy. Globally, between 70%-80% of companies are owned or jointly managed by a family or a group of friends .

Close relationships can indeed be a great source of support and positive influence on a new idea or business. My research focusing on developing new businesses within universities shows that friends can be successful business partners. Especially for students, universities and colleges that focus on entrepreneurship offer various types of support to realize your dream business with friends. There are several challenges when starting to do business with partners, which will be easier to Phone Number List
overcome if we work with people close to us. Business founders must trust each other and understand the likes, dislikes and ambitions of their partners. Want to know the latest developments about Indonesia's business and economic landscape? If you and your partner share similar values ​​and problem-solving styles, it will be easier to predict how your partner will react in times of crisis or when faced with uncertainty.


With this in mind, it's easier for us to turn a friendship into a business relationship. The risk Of course, this approach doesn't always work. What may start out as just arguments or disagreements over the direction of a new business, can lead to heartache, souring of the business (and relationship), and even legal problems. Businesses that involve family or friends can seriously upset the work-life balance , which is critical to business success . Reduced boundaries and increased time spent discussing work can strain your personal relationships to the point of exhaustion and resentment. It's not realistic and healthy to keep talking about work all the time. A family business that lasts for decades with the same people at the top of management may eventually stagnate and become too dependent on a saturated market. This sense of self-accomplishment, as in any type of business, can emerge and then influence customer relationships, knowledge of competitors, and ability to innovate.
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