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Good Open Rate B2B Email List

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2022 11:52 am
by razaul
According to an extensive study conducted by MailChimp, the B2B Email List average open rate – across all industries – is 20.81%. What’s yours? If it’s way below this number, don’t worry, there are plenty of solutions to fix it. Whether you need an email checker to clean B2B Email List your list or a revamping of your copy, these tips will help you create a more engaged email community.

Use an email checker to B2B Email List weed out bad data When you notice your open rates declining, you may be tempted to believe something’s not right with your content. Yes, that can be the case. However, before you think of ways to improve it, take a look at your email list. How many spam complaints do you get, on average? wix-campaign-article-june-2022 How many of your emails bounce? Are you doing everything you can to collect B2B Email List accurate email addresses and maintain email hygiene? Emailing invalid email addresses not only has an immediate impact on your bounce rate.


Apart from those emails bouncing, using a messy list B2B Email List tarnishes your sender reputation – a crucial element of your email marketing. Hence, inbox providers will start placing your emails in people’s spam folder. Who wants to land there? Not you. Furthermore, if your bounce rate is too high or you hit too many spam traps, your emails may not even make it to the spam folder. They just B2B Email List won’t reach your subscribers at all. No wonder your open rates will start to sink. All email marketers are confronted with data decay.